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(26097) Kamishi = 1988 VJ1
Discovery: 1988-11-06 / T. Seki / Geisei / 372
Kami is a city 20 km east of Kochi city of Japan. It is well-known for its natural beauty and as
Japan's only landing site of a stony-iron meteorite. The famous Ryugado limestone cave is also
located in the city.

(26123) Hiroshiyoshida = 1992 OK
Discovery: 1992-07-29 / T. Seki / Geisei / 372
Hiroshi Yoshida (b. 1968) is an amateur astronomer and has been involved in the networking of
people running stargazing parties in eastern Japan. He also promotes exchange of information,
reporting on research activity, and get-togethers for amateur astronomers involved in outreach

(58164) Reiwanohoshi = 1989 WV3
Discovery: 1989-11-20 / T. Seki / Geisei / 372
Following the April 2019 abdication of Japan's Heisei Emperor, the new Reiwa Era began. As
‘‘Reiwa'' means peace and harmony, “Reiwanohoshi” (“the star of Reiwa”) is named to symbolize
Japan going into a new peaceful era, free of natural disasters.

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