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(10791) Uson = 1992 CS
Discovered 1992 Feb. 8 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Uson Morishita (1890-1965), born in Sagawa, Kochi prefecture, was one of
the earliest mystery writers in Japan. He wrote many novels, mentored young
writers, and is called the father of Japanese mystery novels.

(11294) Kazu = 1992 CK
Discovered 1992 Feb. 4 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Kazumasa Imai (b. 1955) is a Japanese radio astronomer at Kochi National
College of Technology. He specializes in Jupiter radio science and made the
first model to explain the modulation lanes of Jupiter's decametric radio

(12749) Odokaigan = 1993 CB
Discovered 1993 Feb. 2 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Odokaigan is a beach on the Otsuki Peninsula at the south-western tip of
Shikoku, Japan. It boasts a spectacular view of the coast with a line of
80-meter-tall cliffs and tower-like rock formations projected above the water.

(42566) Ryutaro = 1996 XQ25
Discovered 1996 Dec. 3 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Ryutaro Hirota (1892-1952), a renowned Japanese composer, was born in
Aki city, Kochi prefecture and studied musical composition at Tokyo Music
School. He composed many children's songs, which have been enjoyed by many
generations of Japanese.

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