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Reports from Geisei Observatory <October 10, 1999>

• Geisei Observatory has 60cm main telescope as well as a 21cm f/3.0 "patrol camera" in the second observing room. This camera takes photos automatically while the observer beside it is searching for comets with the 12cm binoculars. Its focal ratio of 3 is very fast and the width of a photographic field is 4 degrees.
• C/1999 H1(Lee)
On September 9 Comet Lee (C/1999 H1) showed an anti-tail. This photo was taken on September 11 by the 21cm telescope with a 10-minute exposure. The tail is very thin and narrow, streaming to the right from the coma. C/1999 H1 (Lee) has somewhat faded, becoming difficult to the naked eye in October.
[C/1999 H1(Lee)]
C/1999 H1(Lee)
September 11, 1999
a 10-minute exposure by ε210

Copyright (C) 1999 Tsutomu Seki.