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Reports from Geisei Observatory<March 18, 1999>

• A faint, 17th-magnitude comet was discovered.
This is a fax message from Mr. Hirohisa Sato based on NEO Confirmation page: Query Results.
The following are observations made at Geisei Obserevatory:
The comet is at 16.3 magnitude with a coma 10" across and moving north in Monoceros.
Comet 1999E1
1999U.T       R.A  (2000)  Decl.          m1
Mar. 17.56302 6  26  11.42 +5  33  10.7  16.3  372
     17.57552 6  26  11.78 +5  33  20.6  16.3  372
(Reported to IAU on March 18)

• C/1998 U3, C/1998 P1, and C/1998 M5, which had been visible in the evening sky, are now fainter than 11th magnitude and no longer visible in small apertures.

• Comet LINEAR (1998 M5), which had been shining at the north celestial pole at midnight, March 15, has faded while moving away from the north pole. It was barely visible in the 20cm telescope.

• P/1999 D1 was captured by the 60cm telescope on the evening of March 16. The magnitude was still 18.0, while moving south. The orbital period is 20 years and may have something to do with Saturn.

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