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Reports from Geisei Observatory <May 27, 2018>

The photograph of Comet C/2016 M1 (PANSTARRS) moving to the south

    This is a photograph of Comet C/2016 M1 (PANSTARRS) ,which I brought up in the previous report. I was able to observe this comet during a brief period of dark sky before the moon almost full rose. It was taken at 1:45 am on May 27 using Geiseifs 70cm reflector. The arrow points to the comet. The star right below the comet is 9.7 photographic magnitude in the GSC catalogue and the star to the right of it is 10th magnitude. The comet is as bright as this 10th magnitude star. As the comet is diffused, the total magnitude can be slightly brighter than 10th magnitude. I estimated its brightness visually to be 9.5 through the 15cm refractor mounted on the 70cm reflector.
    This comet continues to move southward. At the end of June, it will reach 8th magnitude and disappear below the southern horizon. The tail characteristic of the comet looks slight. Incidentally, a new comet C/2018 K1 (Weiland) recently discovered from Hawaii is glowing. As of May 27 it is at 15th magnitude, a rare discovery of a bright comet.


1:45 am, May 27, 2018
70cm f/5 reflector, Nikon D700
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