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Reports from Geisei Observatory <September 20, 2006>

Observation of Barnard 2

For the first time in many days I observed Barnard 2 under clear skies in the wake of a typhoon.
2006UT          m1    Daia. DC   Trans.  Seeing.  Inst.     Obs.    
Sept.20.50556  11.2    8'    2     4/5     3/5   20cmR60x   T.Seki  
    The comet has reached 67 degrees in declination and is easy to observe. However, it has faded considerably while still diffused. It is extremely faint in the 20cm refractor. In photographs only the central part of the coma is visible with a sharp stellar nucleus shining at 14.4 magnitude. 4P/Faye, now visible to the naked eye, looks much brighter than this comet.

Copyright (C) 2006 Tsutomu Seki.