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Reports from Geisei Observatory <January 26, 2006>

P/2005 XA54 (LONEOS-Hill)

    It appeared stellar and did not look like a comet. I wonder if it has a faint tail. I targeted three periodic comets that had not been recovered last year. I was completed exhausted after repeating a 30-minute exposure three times. However, the beautiful stars helped me persist against the extreme cold. The driving capability of the 60cm reflector was excellent, but it could not be left completely unguided. I had to gaze at a guide star in an uncomfortable posture. A number of meteors were streaking across the dome's opening.
P/2005 XA54
2006UT        RA (2000.0)   Decl.         m1
Jan.23.70313  10 08 02.62  +06 44 39.5   17.1     372
Jan.25.70278  10 08 57.23  +07 14 31.7   17.0     372

Copyright (C) 2006 Tsutomu Seki.