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Reports from Geisei Observatory <September 24, 2005>

P/1998 W1 = P/2005 R3 (Spahr)

    The following are the results of observations at Geisei after a period of absence:
    I photographed the periodic comet P/1998 W1 on September 1, but hadn't been able to confirm it until September 10 because of the breakdown of the 60cm reflector and bad weather. In the meantime the comet was detected overseas.
P/1998 W1 = P/2005 R3 (Spahr)
2005UT             RA (2000.0) Decl.         m1
Sept. 1.80521   7 39 35.77  +17 29 31.1     18.3     372
     12.79826   8 09 16.14  +17 42 30.8     17.5     372
     12.81493   8 09 18.76  +17 42 32.3              372

2003 UB313

    The media touted 2003 UB313, a Kuiper Belt object, to be the 10th planet for some time. I measured the object in a photograph taken in August. August is the most unfavorable time for photography, but the object looked clear enough. It will be a little brighter than 18.5 magnitude visually. The magnitudes given here are photographic magnitudes as usual. The image is stellar as expected, but it appears as a tiny comet too at second glance.
Copyright (C) 2005 Tsutomu Seki.