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Reports from Geisei Observatory <April 5, 2005>

• Photograph of Nova Sgr 2005 in Sagittarius
   I photographed the nova in Sagittarius discovered by Hideo Nishimura of Kekegawa City in Shizuoka Prefecture and Yukio Sakurai of Mito City in Ibaraki Prefecture on March 28 (UT).
    It was at magnitude 9.8 on April 5 determined from GSC comparison stars.

[Nova Sgr 2005 in Sagittarius]
Nova Sgr 2005 in Sagittarius
3-minute exposure from 4:37 on April 5, 2005 (J.S.T.)
60cm f/3.5 reflector ACROS film


Copyright (C) 2005 Tsutomu Seki.