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Reports from Geisei Observatory <March 27, 2004>

• A photograph of the mysterious object SL-569
   The minor planet SL-569*, which I discovered while photographing P/2004 DO29 (Spacewatch-LINEAR) on March 18, has not been found yet in spite of continuing search.
    The object was found 1 minute (in R.A.) east of P/2004 DO29 in this photograph and its motion to the west is clearly shown by double exposure. There is a sharp 18th-magnitude point of light looking like a nucleus and its total magnitude is 17th magnitude with the edges appearing slightly smudged. It will be observed at Geisei Observatory on March 28, if the weather is good.

The results of the precise measurements of SL-569 are given below.

* SL-569
    A provisional name assigned to an object found by Tsutomu Seki and yet to be identified as a known object. It is used to report to the International Astronomical Union. The number following SL is increased by one each time a new report is made.

C/2004 C1 (Larsen): Fainter than 20th magnitude on March 26
P/2004 F1 (NEAT): Fainter than 19th magnitude on March 26

     SL569     2004 03 18.58854 10 35 31.82 +13 25 00.4          17.0 V      372
     SL569     2004 03 18.60313 10 35 30.73 +13 24 58.7          17.0 V      372

Double exposure: 19 minutes from 22.58 and 15 minutes from 23.21 J.S.T.
60cm f/3.5 reflector on TP6415 film

Copyright (C) 2004 Tsutomu Seki.