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Reports from Geisei Observatory <November 20, 2003>

• A photograph of LINEAR (C/2002 T7)
The comet has started showing its fine appearance. This photo was taken by the 60cm reflector with a 5-minute exposure on November 18. The tail is now seen clearly at PA140°. It will become a binocular comet soon.

I have been searching for Comet Haneda-Campos since this summer, which has been lost for 25 years. On November 17 I searched -8 - +9 (ΔT). The area was within the Milky Way and there were so many faint stars. Generally, there was nothing brighter than 17th magnitude.

C/2002 T7(LINEAR)
00.12-00.17 (J.S.T) November 18, 2003
60cm f/3.5 reflector
TP6415 film

Copyright (C) 2003 Tsutomu Seki.