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Reports from Geisei Observatory <October 31, 2003>

• Leo and the Zodiacal light
Comet Tritton has faded slightly. It was estimated to be at 15th to 16th magnitude on the morning of October 29. Will it continue to decline?

Completing work in the 60cm telescope dome, I moved to the roll-off-roof observatory to search the pre-dawn eastern sky for a short period of time. The zodiacal light was still bright covering the sky around the constellation Leo with faint white glow. I am thinking of photographing gegenschein (counterglow) , which is much fainter than the zodiacal light. This November will provide a good chance for this.
I remember that Mr. Honda was searching for comets in the pre-war days while observing the zodiacal light and gegenschein at the zodiacal light observatory in Seto Village, Hiroshima.

Leo and the zodiacal light

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