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Reports from Geisei Observatory <August 3, 2003>

• C/2002 T7(LINEAR) and C/2003 H1(LINEAR)
C/2002 T7(LINEAR) is visible in the morning twilight in the eastern sky. It is at about 12th magnitude, 0.5 magnitude brighter than predicted. It can be 0 magnitude by April next year. The image shows a small coma 30" across and it can be photographed easily by a 15cm telescope. We look forward to its brightening in the future.
The predictions are provided in Comet Bulletin 516.
C/2002 T7
2003 UT        R.A   (2000)   Decl.         m1
Aug.  1.77778  05 27 16.42   +29 53 52.6   12.4   372
      1.78646  05 27 16.65   +29 53 55.6          372
      1.79618  05 27 16.99   +29 53 56.6          372


C/2002 T7(LINEAR)
4 am August 2, 2003
10-minute exposure by 60cm reflector

C/2003 is visible near the zenith in the evening sky at 15th magnitude. The narrow tail, about 60" long, has become clearer. Can you see it in the photograph below ?
The positional measurements are provided in Comet Bulletin 516.

C/2003 H1(LINEAR)
23:00 August 1, 2003
10-minute exposure by 60cm reflector
(A substantial amount of image processing was done.)

At 22:00, August 4, I received a phone call from a newspaper reporter about someone seeing a red UFO in the low south-eastern sky over Godaisan Mountain. It must be Mars! Mars has now started attracting the public interest. It was reported to be blazing with red flames! Venus or Mars, both disturb the public, don't they ?

Copyright (C) 2003 Tsutomu Seki.