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Reports from Geisei Observatory <June 13, 2003>

• Where are you, Comet Haneda-Campos!
While checking old film in the darkroom, I came across two photographs of Comet Haneda-Campos taken in December 1984. One of them was Kodak's astronomical 103aE glass plate and the other a mysterious 6x7 frame with perforations on one side. The latter seems to be Kodak 2415 film just marketed at that time and had superior resolution to 103a. D/1978 R1(Haneda-Campos) was discovered by Mr. Haneda in 1978 by his 88mm f/7 refracting come seeker, identical with my own. According to the Comet Handbook for 2003 published by OAA Comet Section, it is to return in January 2004 and brighten to 14th magnitude at the end of the year. But...it has never appeared again since the discovery of 1978. The two photographs were taken in 1984 by the 60cm telescope while I was searching for it on its first return. They cover ΔT±2°of the field of view. Will the comet be recovered after 20 years of absence? I will look for it using the latest high-precision GSC.
The late Mr. Haneda's words are still ringing in my ear: "Mr. Seki, please find my comet?" Where is Mr. Toshio Haneda's comet wandering now? Mr. Haneda had long loved my comets and devoted himself to comet search even by building a comet seeker identical with mine. Mr. Haneda, who passed away about 10 years ago, must be looking for his comet in the heavens.

Copyright (C) 2003 Tsutomu Seki.