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Reports from Geisei Observatory<December 20, 2002>

• Photograph of C/2002 X5(Kudo-Fujikawa)
Because of bright moon light, observation of C/2002 X5 was last made on the morning of December. In the 20cm refractor it was visually 8th magnitude with a short tail in the north. In a 60cm reflector photograph, the coma showed a small elongation in PA 330°(in the north-northwest). The next edition of the Comet Bulletin will be published soon. It will provide predictions for mornings and evenings. When the comet passes perihelion at the end of January, it is predicted to brighten to a negative magnitude. However, because it is so close to the sun, it is not visible from the earth. Also, there is a possibility of its disappearance, as its standard magnitude is not bright.
[Photo of C/2002 X5]
C/2002 X5(Kudo-Fujikawa)
5-minute exposure from 05:33 on December 17, 2002
60cm f/3.5 reflector on 6415 film

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