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Reports from Geisei Observatory<December 10, 2002>

• Observation data: C/2002 X1(LINEAR)
It is a fight against the cold in the dome. I endured in the freezing condition for 7 hours.
C/2002 X1
2002 UT         R.A   (2000)   Decl.         m1
Dec. 10.68646   10 29 08.85   +20 23 00.3   17.3   372
The possible last shot of 54P/de Vico-Swift-NEAT was taken.

• Acknowledgement
OAA Comet Section has received a donation from Mr. Hirohisa Sato, Mr. Toshikazu Matsumoto, and Mr. Yusuke Esaki. Our sincere gratitude to them. It will be gratefully used for a continuing operation of the Section.

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