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Reports from Geisei Observatory<November 8, 2002>

• Photos of M45, C/2002 T7(LINEAR)
In place of the 60cm reflector under repair, I used the 21cm f/3 reflector to capture it the Pleiades(SUBARU). When the focus is correct, the star image is very sharp. Fuji Prest 400 was used, which is as good as T-Max 400.
[Photo of M45ithe Pleiadesj]
M45(the Pleiades - SUBARU)
November 1, 2002
ε210 (21cm f/3 reflector)
30-minute exposure on Prest 400

The new comet C/2002 T7 was targeted. It was magnitude 17 and could be identified only by enlarging it. It is expected to be visible low in the evening sky at first magnitude in mid-May, 2004. It will pass the earth at a distance of 0.3 A.U. I cannot picture the image of a future great comet from its present appearance. However, we might be able to see a magnificent comet just like Comet Kohotek, with a long tail rising high in the evening sky.
[Photo of C/2002 T7(LINEAR)]
C/2002 T7(LINEAR)
01:27 November 5, 2002
ε210 (21cm f/3 reflector)
30-minute exposure on 6415 film

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