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Reports from Geisei Observatory <October 12, 2002>

• Nova discovered by Mr. Koichi Itagaki in NGC 205
This is a photograph of the nova in NGC205 discovered by Mr. Koichi Itagaki. It may have faded to 18th magnitude and will near the limit of Epsilon telescope at magnitude 17.5. The position is given below. It differs from Mr. Kushida's measurements by more than 1".
  +41o44'18".2  (2000.0)
It seems to be faint and quite distant from the center of the galaxy. There are no other objects to be mistaken for the nova.
[Nova in NGC205]
Nova in NGC205
1:30-1: 40 October 11, 2002
Telescope:ε210 film:TP6415

Copyright (C) 2002 Tsutomu Seki.