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Reports from Geisei Observatory <September 24, 2002>

• Color photograph of the nova in Sagittarius
    discovered by Mr. Haseda.

The following is the observation data of the nova discovered by Mr. Haseda in Sagittarious:
           RA                  Decl
   19h01m09s.37    -22o00'05".5  (2000.0)
   19.30 September 24 (J.S.T)  mv=6.1 (20cm refractor 40X)

The nova is 0.2 degree fainter than on September 23 and looks a little yellowish but not for certain.The photograph below is that of the nova taken at 20:00 on September 23 by the 20cm f/12 refractor (f=2400mm) and its color is blue. The nova was taken again on September 24 by the 60cm telescope on color film. This will be presented later.
[Nova Sgr 2002 No.3]
Nova Sgr 2002 No.3
20:00 September 23, 2002
Geisei Observatory 20cm f/12 refractor
with a 3-minute exposure on ISO400 film

Copyright (C) 2002 Tsutomu Seki.