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Reports from Geisei Observatory<September 23, 2002>

• Photographs of two novae in Sagittarius
Photograph 1 shows V4742, a nova in Sagittarius, discovered by Liller in Chile. This photo was taken on September 23 exposed from 19:10 to 19:13 by Geisei's 60cm telescope. The following measurement was made using TM400 film. The photographic magnitude was 9.5 and bright.
  18h02m22s.00   -25o20'32".1 (2000.0)

Photograph 2 is that of a nova in Sagittarius discovered by Mr. Haseda. The magnitude is about 6. It is clearly visible in a finderscope. It may be fading. No measurements were made but color photograph swill be presented later on this HP. C/2002 O4 (Hoenig) is about 11th magnitude visible low in the northwest sky.

It is very diffuse and accurate measurements are difficult to obtain.
[Nova in Sagittarius V4742]
Photograph 1
Nova in Sagittarius V4742
19:10-19.30 September 23, 2002
Geisei Observatory 60cm f/3.5 reflector on TM400 film

[Nova Sgr 2002 No.3]
Photograph 2
Nova Sgr 2002 No.3
September 23, 2002
Geisei Observatory 60cm f/3.5 reflector

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