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Reprots from Geisei Observatory <March 14, 2002>

• Photographs of C/2002 E2(Snyder-Murakami) and
C/2000 WM1(LINEAR)

C/2002 E2 was observed at 04:55 March 14 by a 20cm refractor at 60x. The coma was 3.5' in diameter and a slight tail was visible. The total magnitude was 10.8 and a 20cm aperture will show it easily. However, it can be missed in a small telescope if an ordinary searching method is employed. The photograph was taken at the same time by the 60cm reflector with a 5-minute exposure.

This is C/2000 WM1(LINEAR), which has been visible in the morning sky since last month. This photo was taken at 04:30 March 14 with a 3.5-minute exposure. The total magnitude was 8.0 and a slightly curved beautiful tail was visible. Color photographs were also taken. This comet will be visible in the morning sky for a while.
[C/2002 E2]
C/2002 E2(Snyder-Murakami)
04:55 March 14, 2002 with a 5-minute exposure
Geisei's 60cm relflector

[C/2000 WM1]
C/2000 WM1(LINEAR)
04:30 March 14, 2002 with a 3.5-minute exposure
Geisei's 60cm

Copyright (C) 2002 Tsutomu Seki.