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Reports from Geisei Observatory <February 4, 2002>

• C/2002 C1(Ikeya-Zhang)
In spite of worsening weather, I went to the observatory. Upon my arrival at 18:50, the clouds broke up a little. I was able to glimpse C/2002 C1 (Ikeya-Zhang) in a 20cm refractor at 40x. The magnitude was about 8 and the coma was 4' across. The coma was firm and the central condensation was not strong.
2002 UT       R.A(2000)     Decl.        m1
Feb. 4.42083  00 13 58.10  -16o08'55".4  8.2  372
The comet's altitude was quite low and accurate position measurement was not possible after 19:30.

• Supernova SN2002ap in M74
This is the supernova (pointed by an arrow) discovered in M74 by Mr. Hirose. This photograph was taken at 19:50, February 1 with a double exposure. A double exposure can identify minor planets and comets because of their movement against background stars. No observation was made on February 5 due to rain.
[Supernova (SN2002ap) in M74 in Pisces]
Supernova (SN2002ap) in M74 in Pisces
19:50 February 1, 2002
By Tsutomu Seki with Geisei 60cm reflector

Copyright (C) 2002 Tsutomu Seki.