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Reports from Geisei Observatory <January 27, 2002>

A probable nova in OphiuchusAfter heavy rain, it cleared up beautifully this morning. Because of bright moon light there will be no observation. The photograph shows a probable nova in Ophiuchus discovered by Mr. Hasegawa on January 24. The prediscovery magnitude estimated by Geisei Observatory was 8.9 at 5:30. It was exposed for 120 seconds by Mamiya Press 90mm f/3.5. It appears that there has been no large magnitude fluctuations from January 20 - 24.
[A probable nova in Ophiuchus(Pre-discovery photograph)]
A probable nova in Ophiuchus(Pre-discovery photograph)
At 5.30, January 20, 2002
Mamiya Press 90mm f/3.5 with a 120-second exposure
TM400 film


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