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Reprots from Geisei Observatory<August 24, 2001>

• P/2001 Q2(Petriew)
In the 20cm refractor it is fuzzy showing a typical cometary appearance. This should have been an easy target for discovery by a 15cm binocular comet seeker. At 4.30 in the morning it rises high toward the zenith. There are many comets waiting to be discovered near the sun where the LINEAR projects cannot search. The 8cm finderscope at 20x could confirm the comet's presence. This photograph was taken by the 60cm f/3.5 telescope with a 5-minute exposure. The coma is slightly elongated to the west. The magnitude is 10.5 -11.0 (m1). The coma is about 2.5' across. Soon daily predictions will be provided in OAA Comet Section Reports.
[Photo of P/2001 Q2(Petriew)]
P/2001 Q2(Petriew)
August 22, 2001
Exposed for 5 minutes from 3:39
Geisei Observatory Seki Tsutomu

Copyright (C) 2001 Tsutomu Seki.