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Reports from Geisei Observatory<July 15, 2001>

• Photo of C/2001 A2(LINEAR)
Although the weather forecast predicted rain, it turned out to be a clear day. LINEAR rose early in the east and was much easier to observe as it was at a higher altitude. It was clearly visible to the naked eye. There was a 5th-magnitude star 2o south of the comet and looked identical with the comet. The coma was a very large in the 20cm refractor at 60x. The diameter of the coma reached 22' including faint fuzzy light around it. A photograph taken by the 60cm reflector shows a complex ion tail which is made up of about 5 searchlight-like beams. Although the brightness will gradually drop, it will become easier to observe as it moves northward.

C/2001 A2(LINEAR)
2 am on July 15, 2001
60cm f/3.5 reflector
17-minute exposure on hydrogen hyper-sensitized 6415 film
Tsutomu Seki at Geisei Observatory

Copyright (C) 2001 Tsutomu Seki.