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Reports from Geisei Observatory <February 25, 2001>

• A bright meteor in Sagittarius
Mr. Hirohisa Sato reported that Liller had discovered a probable nova in Sagittarius on February 24 (UT), but it is not confirmed at Geisei Observatory yet. On February 20, five days earlier, I photographed the region in question (by 35mm f/1.4 lens), but no nova brighter than the 8th magnitude was found on the film. However, it captured a spectacular fire ball. During February the weather hasn't been favorable affecting our observation. There seem to be some bright comets visible apart from C/1999 Y1. If the night of February 26 turns out to be clear, I will photograph them together with the probable nova.

A bright, magnitude -2 meteor during a one-minute exposure
5 am on February 20, 2001
Tsutomu Seki at Geisei Observatory

Copyright (C) 2001 Tsutomu Seki.