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Reports from Geisei Observatory<July 7, 2000>

• C/1999 S4(LINEAR)
This is how LINEAR looked this morning. Here is a magnificent arrival of LINEAR. I watched the grandeur of the beautiful comet in the sky, the comet which came all the way from the far-away Oort Cloud to our skies over the roaring seas agitated by the approaching typhoon. The comet was not particularly bright at magnitude 7.9 this morning, but the appearance of the coma has changed. It is clearly on its path to a great comet.

C/1999 S4(LINEAR)
3:00 am on July 7, 2000
17-minute exposure on 6415 film
60cm reflector at Geisei Observatory
By Tsutomu Seki

Copyright (C) 2000 Tsutomu Seki.