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Reports from Geisei Observatory<February 4, 2000>

Mr. Akira Kawazoe, a staff member of the Geisei Observatory has been to Finland to see auroras. He saw them for only 15 minutes on his 5-day stay there, but they were unearthly beautiful, mysterious curtains of light across the sky. The photos here are of greenish magical auroras which were reflected on the arctic earth.

The third photograph is not that of aurora but mysterious beams of light rising in the minus 26-degree air and was taken at 2 am on January 24. The bright light above them is the full moon. Mr. Kawazoe thinks it is probably a phenomenon similar to the sun pillars.
On January 24, 2000F
Sirkka, Finland
Nikon FM fish-eye lens
on ISO800film

Copyright (C) 2000 Tsutomu Seki.