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May 1999

[Photo of Antares and M4 in Scorpius] Antares and M4 in Scorpius

Antares looks a little fainter recently or is it all in my mind?
The nearby M4 is visible in binoculars. In the 60cm reflector all the stars are clearly resolved.

This photo was taken by Geisei's 60cm telescope and trimmed slightly.
[Photo of Galaxies in Leo] Galaxies in Leo

Three galaxies are visible: M65 (right), M66 (left) and NGC 3628 (upper middle).
M65 and M66 are the 9th-magnitude galaxies and NGC 3628 is of the 10th. The Comet Hunter Messier used a 5cm-aperture telescope. Its limiting magnitude might have been around 9.5.

This photo was taken by Geisei's 60cm reflector and trimmed slightly.
[The light of Mars] The light of Mars

This photo was taken on May 2, 1999 by Geisei's 60cm reflector with a 3-minute exposure without tracking, when Mars made a close approach to the earth.
In September, Mars will move into Scorpius and compete its redness with Antares.

Copyright (C) 1999 Tsutomu Seki.