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January 2000
<Visiting Winter Open Clusters>

I shot several winter open clusters . These are the bright clusters I often come across while search for comets. When these objects slide into the eyepiece field, their beauty makes me want to scream with wonder and excitement. The stars in these clusters look as if they were breathing in the eyepiece field of my comet seeker. My comet seeker is 12cm in aperture with 20x power. It is the best to use the lowest effective magnification to see diffuse objects. Incidentally, the 19th-century American comet hunter Swift discovered the nebulosity enveloping the Pleiades. Later, Barnard took photographs of the nebulosity.

21cm f/3 on T-Max 400

[The Praesepe]

The Praesepe

[The Hyades]

The Hyades

[The Pleiades]

The Pleiades

[M35 and NGC2158]

M35 and NGC 2158

[The Double Star Cluster in Perseus]

The Double Star Cluster in Perseus

Copyright (C) 2000 Tsutomu Seki.