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Memorable Comets

<Comet Seki-Lines (1962C1)>

This comet was my second discovery in my comet hunting. It was discovered near the southern horizon in the midst of the coldest winter night on February 4, 1962. There was an unexpected competitor who found this comet from the middle of an Arizona desert in the U.S.A. It was a race between us in reporting to Copenhagen. This rival was Richard Lines. There was a popular series of TV dramas called "the Fugitive", whose main character was played by Richard Kimble. As Richard Kimble was so popular I mistakenly wrote Richard Kimble for Richard Lines in my book "Searching Unknown Stars." Just like the fugitive in the dramas, this comet evaded a two-month-long search after its discovery and escaped into the sun's corona in the end. What happened to my comet in the one-million-degree temperature corona? When it reappeared in the western sky in mid-April, it was mysteriously blue and beautiful, and conjured the image of a goddess, unlike the pre-perihelion image of a sun-scorched comet.

[Comet Seki-Lines (1962C1)]
Comet Seki-Lines (1962 C1)
Evening of April 9, 1962 at my home
300 mm telephoto lens.

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