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Memorable Comets

<Comet West in Delphinus>

Comet West with three spectacular streaming tails shined in the eastern sky in March 1975. It was called the most beautiful comet in recent years. It gradually moved away from us and became smaller remaining in the constellation of Delphinus. Around that time the comet was faintly visible at magnitude 5. In photographs taken by a 135mm telephoto lens, a compact tail 30' long was detected. The photo here was taken in early June 1975 with a 5-minute exposure on Tri-X film. Comet LINEAR, which is approaching us now, will be more beautiful than this. According to Mr. Hirohisa Sato's latest research, it will reach a maximum brightness of magnitude 4.2 around July 26.

[Comet West in Delphinus]
Comet West in Delphinus
Early June, 1975
5-minute exposure on Tri-X film

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