更新情報 : 小惑星(27790)が「浦島太郎」、小惑星(120462)が「天橋立」と命名されたので小惑星のページを更新しました。
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(27790) Urashimataro = 1993 CG1
Discovered 1993 Feb. 13 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Urashima Taro is a Japanese legend about a kind-hearted young fisherman.
The story is loved by generations of children and many beaches across Japan
are claimed to be the setting where the story took place.

(120462) Amanohashidate = 1990 UE2
Discovered 1990 Oct. 26 by T. Seki at Geisei.
Amanohashidate is a well-known tourist spot in Japan. It is a sandbar,
separating Miyazu Bay and Aso-Umi Lagoon in northern Kyoto and designated as
one of the three most scenic spots in Japan.

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