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Memorable Comets

<Comet Bennett C/1969 Y1>

Comet Bennett was discovered in the south in 1969. It moved northward and brightened in 1970. On one March morning, I woke up to find the sky overcast. Wondering if it was possible to observe that morning, I looked up. There were no stars visible but Comet Bennett was shining strongly through clouds. Its magnitude was 0 to minus 1 and seen near the zenith. It was one of the few bright comets in recent years. This photo was taken on April 1, 1970, in daylight by a 35mm camera with a 10-second exposure without tracking.

[Comet Bennett  C/1969]
Comet Bennett in daylight
April 1, 1970

Copyright (C) 2001 Tsutomu Seki.