Part 1: A mystery of Geisei Observatory

Part 2: An encounter at the haunted house

Part 3: The first viewing of the sunspots

Part 4: Halley's Comet and a Dream

Part 5: Halley's Comet and Ryoma

Part 6: A strange story of Halley's Comet (1)

Part 7: A strange story of Halley's Comet (2)

Part 8: A star-loving lady in a wheelchair

Part 9: Under the Southern Cross

Part 10: A memory of Comet Okabayashi-Honda

Part 11: Large aperture telescopes and comet seekers

Part 12: Around the time "The Martian Army" arrived

Part 13: About comets

Part 14: Memorable Comet Cunningham

Part 15: -----

Part 16: The teacher I revered most disappeared on the Chinese continent

Part 17: Mr. Okamoto and the stars

Part 18: Mr. Okamoto and a book about the stars

Part 19: The stars and the spirit of guitar

Part 20: A Genius, an ordinary person, and me

Part 21: Letters from comet hunters

Part 22: Strange stories of comet seekers

Part 23: My memories of Comet Honda

Part 24: Dream and reality

Part 25: The principles of a comet hunter

Part 26: What one old star atlas tells us

Part 27: The story of the "star" of Champion