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The telescopes at Geisei Observatory

Geisei Observatory is situated in the village of Geisei in Kochi Prefecture. The main telescope at Geisei Observatory was donated in 1980 by the late Mr Seizo Goto, the then president of Goto Optical Mfg. Co. Mr. Goto was born in Kochi and donated the instrument for research and education for Kochi residents. The telescope is used for measuring the positions of comets, discovery of asteroids as well as detection of faint periodic comets.
[The observatory dome] The observatory dome
The building behind the dome is the education center.

[The main telescope] The main telescope:
A 60cm F3.5 Newtonian telescope
The second Other telescopes mounted on the main telescope:
• a 20cm F12 Goto refractor
• an 8cm F10 Goto refractor
• ε160 F3.3 Takahashi astrograph

[Seki standing under the telescope] Seki standing under the telescope.
This photo shows how large the telescope is.
The 60cm primary mirror was recoated in November 1997.
The ladder on the right is an observing ladder.

[Seki] Seki holds a control box or paddle for the main telescope.

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