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January 2012

January 29, 2012
    The Geisei Observatory team has recovered P/2003 HT15, a periodic comet returning for the first time. This is the first recovery of a periodic comet at Geisei Observtory in 18 years since the recovery of Comet Brooks 2 on May 6, 1994. This success owes a lot to Mr. Shigeo Shimomoto and Mr. Hirohisa Sato of the team. For this recovery, Mr. Shimomto made 14 10-minute exposures using our new 70cm reflector. Mr. Sato calculated the cometfs orbit based on Mr. Shimomotofs observations and reported it to the Smithsonian.
    Observatory telescopes have become large around the world, which has made it difficult for medium-size telescopes such as 70cm telescopes to make discoveries of faint objects. Their gamateur spirith, which makes up for whatever deficiencies the telescope has, led to this success.

Recovery image of P/2003 HT15 (LINEAR)
Composite of 14 10-minute exposures
21:02 - 23:13, January 26, 2012
70cm f/7 reflector + CCD
Copyright 2012 Geisei Observatory

Copyright (C) 2012 Tsutomu Seki.