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June 2007

June 11
    With the naming of a minor planet after Professor Nobuyuki Yamaguchi, formerly a professor of Kochi University, all of the eight staff members of Geisei Observatory now have had minor planets named after their names. I believe this is rather unusual in Japan.
Seki        (3426)  Tsutomu Seki
Okamura     (4505)  Keiichiro Okamura
Muraoka     (5124)  Kenji Muraoka
Kawazoe     (7410)  Akira Kawazoe
Shimomoto   (18365) Shigeo Shimomoto
Nobuyuki    (27716) Nobuyuki Yamaguchi
Kimihiro    (27739) Kimihiro Matsugi
Obatomoyuki (27740) Tomoyuki Oba
    The numbers in parentheses are confirmed minor planet numbers in the ascending order. All the minor planets except Seki were discovered at Geisei.

    When a CCD imaging system is introduced at Geisei, we will be able to observe these minor planets and see them on the computer monitor at any time. The names of these eight staff members will shine in space eternally and Geisei Observatory will forever be active.
Copyright (C) 2007 Tsutomu Seki.